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Man from Helmond arrested attributable to discovery of do-it-yourself explosive in Nuland

Suspicious package deal in bushes

“A passer-by then found a suspicious package deal within the bushes close to a variety of properties on the Nulandse Zomerdijk,” the police reported on Saturday. The passer-by reported on Monday, October 30 round 12.30 pm that there was a suspicious package deal close to properties.

Do-it-yourself explosive

‘Investigations by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (EOD) confirmed that it was a self-manufactured explosive. Three homes within the space had been evacuated,” police mentioned. The explosive was detonated at a delegated location later that day.


The police instantly began an intensive neighborhood and hint investigation into the circumstances and background of the incident. For instance, a number of native residents and attainable witnesses had been spoken to and pictures and hint materials had been secured.


Throughout the investigation, a 37-year-old man got here into the image as a suspect. He was arrested yesterday afternoon at his residence.

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