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What Are The Benefits Of Managed Wordpress Hosting?

If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, servers, and all of the other technical things involved with running a site, managed hosting could be a real help. If you do not have any experience with web development, setting up a self-hosted WordPress website can be difficult.

One advantage to working with a managed WordPress hosting provider is that they typically provide simple ways of creating staging and development versions of your site, as well as pushing and pulling data back and forth between those and your live site. One of the benefits of working with managed hosting providers for your WordPress website is that they make that process really simple.

While it is possible to hire top site builders and utilize top web hosting services, another option that a lot of businesses are using is WordPress, where they can create and host the site using top WordPress hosting providers, or utilise their CMS to handle corporate content. In short, this is WordPress-specific hosting, which adds many convenience features that simplify WordPress site management, security, and speed. Due to the strong tools in WordPress-specific services, managed WordPress hosts are recommended not just for business-level enterprise-level WordPress sites that have a lot of traffic, but also any enterprise-level website, eCommerce website, established sites already getting traffic (including popular blogs), or medium-to-large-sized agency-based sites built on WordPress, which will benefit from the optimized stability, performance, and UX that they provide.

From the users perspective, the primary difference between managed WordPress hosting and the standard, modern web hosts (even the cheaper ones that cost $4/month) is the dashboard, the ease with which you can use and the way they are tailored for WordPress-specific tasks. With managed WordPress services, the host control panel is the most basic it can possibly be, giving you just enough options to make relevant changes. That is why it is such a great idea to consider a hosting platform dedicated entirely to WordPress.

If you are making regular updates to your site which may, by doing so, affect the user experience while those updates are taking place, hosted sites will come as a revelation, and are worth the moderate host-cost bump which comes with hosting a managed WordPress. Since your hosting provider guarantees automated backups, updates, and fast speeds, all those plugins promising website optimization are going to become redundant. WordPress hostings auto-update features make sure that you are covered on that front. Sometimes, a website that you are hosting is incompatible with newer versions of WordPress.

When it comes to your WordPress website, keeping the base software, themes, and plugins updated keeps the site running smoothly and protected against the latest security threats. Managed hosting services like InMotion Hosting can give you the safety and security that you need for your small business site. Shared hosting plans typically come with email services, and allow you to install a variety of content management systems in addition to WordPress.

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