Send And Receive Big Files With Wetransfer Pro

The best thing about WeTransfer is that it allows users for free to send up to 2GB. If you are a recipient of files sent through this tool, WeTransfer sends you an email that contains the file link. Once the files are downloaded, WeTransfer will send the sender another email, informing them you successfully downloaded the files.

If you are sending a file to a different email provider, the message contains a notification about the file expiration date, as well as a link to click on the Download.

Once the email is sent, your recipients can click on the email attachment to view it on Google Drive (15GB) or Dropbox (2GB).

Although Gmail messages can have only up to 25MB of attachments, when files are too big, Google gives you the option of placing them on Google Drive and sending the link for sharing. If your recipient does not, Gmail prompts you to change the sharing settings for the files stored on the built-in Google Drive before sending your message.

To send larger files by email, you can upload the attachments to cloud storage and receive a link for you to send to your recipients, or you can use a file-sharing service. File-sharing tools such as WeTransfer are a good way to send large files in a more secure manner, as your files will not permanently be stored on WeTransfer servers. With MyAirBridge, you can upload the file and send the link via email to a particular recipient, or simply upload the file and create a link for sharing to anyone.

You can create an Access File Link to allow other people to access your shared files from anywhere. Brand the Download Page If you send files by link or email, they are saved to your WeTransfer account, which can be accessed by any browser.

Once you have selected a file that you would like to transfer, then you will have a choice of sending a file by email or a direct link.

You can follow this process by starting a new email on Gmail then attaching the files you wish to send. A third-party file-transfer site lets you compose an email to a recipient and attach the file you want to send. The UI in the desktop app is very easy as well, all you have to do is right-click on the “Share” button of the file you want to send, then type in the email addresses of people with whom you would like to share the file.

Sign up for the paid service, and any files moved to your Dropbox folders can be shared using a Web Link. Share files across the internet using a secure file-sharing service using end-to-end data encryption, 2 factor authentication, password protection, and virus scans. You also do not get the option of protecting files that you are sending with a password, crucial to prevent them from being downloaded by the wrong hands, particularly if you are using links rather than emails while sharing.

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