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Kate Beckinsale shares news of her hospitalization while paying a heartfelt tribute to her mother

Kate Beckinsale has disclosed that she was hospitalized while sharing a heartfelt tribute to her mother on Mother’s Day.

On Monday (11 March), the 50-year-old actress posted an Instagram photo of herself in a hospital bed. In the caption, she honored her mother, Judy Loe, on Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on 10 March in the United Kingdom, and expressed gratitude for her support.

Beckinsale’s post began with a video of Loe opening a bottle of champagne for her birthday, followed by selfies of her mother. She included two pictures of herself in a hospital bed, wearing a large black headband with a bow on her head. The post also featured a snapshot of Beckinsale’s friend visiting her at the hospital.

In the caption, the “Underworld” star extended birthday and Mother’s Day wishes to her mother before acknowledging Loe’s support over the past week. While Beckinsale went on to appreciate everyone who has been there for her during her illness, she did not specify why she was hospitalized.

“Thank you to those who love and support us during tough times and try to bring some positivity,” she wrote. “And for taking care of our dogs when we can’t, and reminding us of happy memories when we’re down. And for showing up when we’re sick and staying by our side… And for sending balloons, checking in, and lifting us up with love.”

She praised her mother’s resilience and concluded her caption by celebrating Loe once again.

“Happy everything, mama,” she wrote. “Your ability to find joy despite adversity is inspiring. I love you.”

In the comments, fans sent messages of support to Beckinsale and inquired about her health. They also applauded her heartfelt tribute to her mother.

“Are you okay? Why are you in the hospital? Get well soon,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Hope you’re okay! Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Such a sweet tribute to your mom. I pray for your recovery, Kate,” another added.

The Independent has reached out to Beckinsale’s representative for comment.

Over the years, Beckinsale has been open about her health struggles. In 2019, she revealed that she was hospitalized after suffering a ruptured ovarian cyst. She shared a photo of herself from her hospital bed on Instagram, along with a second picture of her lying in the hospital bed.

“Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts, and morphine makes me cry,” she wrote in the caption at the time.

According to the Mayo Clinic, ovarian cysts “are sacs, usually filled with fluid, in an ovary or on its surface.” While cysts are often harmless, a rupture can cause severe pain and bleeding inside the pelvis.

In response to criticism about posting a selfie from the hospital, Beckinsale explained that she wanted to share her own honest narrative rather than deal with speculation from the media.

“I have Instagram largely to have my own honest narrative and not have to always be ambushed by stories that come out that are invented,” she wrote in the comments. “I’d prefer to say what happened than endure speculation and so I chose to share.”

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