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Do Youtube Shorts Make Money?

How creators can make money from their Shorts videos on YouTube by earning ad revenue, and how the new monetization model for Shorts videos will work. Creators will be notified of their payout from the Shorts Fund the second week of each month, and have until the 25th to claim it. If a creator qualifies for a payout and their video receives engagement and views from other creators, they may be eligible for a bonus payment from the fund. As a YouTube Shorts creator, you can monetize your shorts content by joining the YouTube Partner Program. Once you become a partner, any ads shown on your videos will generate ad revenue that you can use to earn extra income. The YouTube Partner Program is an excellent way to top up your income as a creator. As part of this program, if you qualify for thousands of views per month and maintain excellent engagement performance on your channel, then you may be eligible for additional payments through the partner program. This is in addition to the regular payments made to creators through ad revenue.

YouTube Shorts has recently become a new revenue sharing model that allows content creators to earn revenue from their short videos. Viewers can link their earnings from YouTube Shorts to their main channel, allowing them to monetize their shorts in relation to the amount of views they get and the number of countries these videos are distributed in. Creators not only benefit from ads but also from other creators watching their shorts and monetizing them through YouTube’s new revenue sharing model.

The YouTube Shorts Fund has been mentioned as an added bonus for creators who make shorts. Other revenue streams to try are ads, fan funding, and even merchandise. This gives creators more opportunities to make money from their videos. Long form videos are still the preferred way to monetize on YouTube, but with the addition of shorts, creators now have another way to monetize their content and make money. At present moment YouTube Shorts have a limited time line and expiration date so it’s important for creators to take advantage of this chance while it lasts. It’s also important for creators to explore other revenue streams like ads and fan funding so they can make more money. This could be a more sustainable way for them to monetize than just relying on ad revenue alone.

Youtube has made efforts to ensure that Youtube Shorts make money for creators. Youtube says that Youtube Shorts will be featured in the YouTube App and creators who receive the most engagement views on their shorts are eligible to receive a fund from YouTube. The company will notify eligible creators when they qualify for a bonus payment and how to claim it. Youtube is also asking their creator community for feedback on how they can best monetize short form content, as well as running payouts to select thousands of eligible creators every month. Eligible creators can then claim the payment during the second week of the following month by logging into their account and clicking on “claim payment”. The 25th marks an important first step in this journey; however, it remains to be seen how much better or worse youtube shorts are compared to other short form apps such as Tiktok.

Starting in the US, YouTube has selected a few creators to run their shorts performance program and give out a shorts fund for them. The company will also create a creator fund to qualify and monetize more creators in the coming months. This fund will pay out to creators every month depending on their shorts performance.

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