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Young people want a good holiday in Horeca

Train for summer stays within 16 hours (16 t / m 24 years) during the holiday to a vacancy. However, the best youngster of the young man has a vacancy. This year is very safe to keep you working, a quarter of a second. Great groats on the labor market can be found in the open for a generous work area.


The workshop is a white or small part of a vacancy. That makes for the best love of those young men. Worth working in the open (62 percent), ‘the self can be paid for in the middle of nowhere’ (43 percent) and ‘with good value for money’ (36 percent).

Make friends

For young people there are 3 to 4 weeks of ideal dates for a holiday. Upvallend is a young man for a hog salaris bereid zijn hun telefoon aan de kant te schuiven. If you want to make young people, you should be able to spend your vacation, and you will find a new love.

Werner Klaasen, General Director of Tempo-Team: En dat komt goed uit, want de zomer van 2022 is er én vol kansen voor jongeren. Er fijink meer vacatures і vorig jaar. Young people have to watch you. En je ziet in het onderzoek dat ze goed weten wat ze willen. Mooi dat ze daarin werkplezier noemen als belangrijk aspect van die baan. Wat ons betreft is a work in the elke baan essential. En dat gaan ze niet alleen vinden in die horecabaan. Die vind je óók als productiemedewerker, logistiek medewerker, schoonmaker of als hulp in de zorg. One of the vacancies is a very good base for you. We help young people to do well. “

Online search

Tempo-Team deed begin mei een online onderzoek onder 1.018 jongeren (16 t / m 24 jaar) zonder ‘echte baan’. In the 23rd century, there are some interesting things to do, especially in the opening of vacancies.

Vacation holidays

Tempo-Team has a holiday book, always tips and tricks over young people, tips on how to work on vacations (wet- and rules) and how many aspects of workmanship you have in Belarus, download here.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids

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