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Wageningen is named the best Dutch city for student housing

Wageningen is named the best Dutch city for student housing

In a recent report published by the National Student Union (LSVb), Wageningen was named the best city in the Netherlands for student housing, thanks in large part to its so-called housing guarantee for all local students.

The Netherlands is struggling with growing student housing shortages

Anyone who wants to study in the Netherlands is likely to be aware of the national housing crisis and the challenges students face across the country when trying to find housing for students in time for their first year. Currently, the country lacks more than 26,000 homes, and experts say the situation will only get worse in the coming years.

To avoid the problem, students will probably try to look for universities in cities where the situation is less serious – and the results of a new study should greatly facilitate this search. LSVb reviewed the 11 largest student cities in the Netherlands and awarded points in four categories:

  • Private housing sector (ie availability of student housing permits, rental prices)
  • Housing sector (ie cooperation between municipalities and housing associations)
  • Information and resources provided by the municipality
  • The presence of a rolling crew

According to the study, Wageningen – a historic city in the province of Gelderland and home to one of the best universities in the country – is the best Dutch city to accommodate students.

Wageningen: the best city for students looking for housing

The local municipality has established a housing guarantee that promises all students housing until May 1 of the first year of study. In addition to this commitment, both the university and the municipality have been praised for working with housing associations, their work to help international students settle in the Netherlands, and the local rental team that helps students when they face problems. landlord.

In total, Wageningen received 31 points out of 40. “It is significant that Wageningen was able to offer all students housing until May 1,” said LSVb chairman Ama Boahene. “Other student cities can follow suit.”

Rotterdam and Delft are the worst Dutch cities in terms of student housing

While Wageningen was praised for his resources and efforts to help students, other Dutch cities were severely criticized. Amsterdam finished fourth with 27 points, while The Hague and Leiden finished sixth with 25 points.

However, in last place were Rotterdam and Delft, scoring only 21 points. Both cities have been criticized for decisions made by municipalities to prevent students from entering certain neighborhoods, thus preventing students from effectively assimilating. Both municipalities have also imposed restrictions on permits to convert homes into student housing.

“Moving in a room is an important step for students in their development. The municipality should promote this, ”Boahene explained. “We hope that Rotterdam and Delft will study in other student cities and get better results next year.”

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