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VOO organize a webinar in order to send an MR cover

On June 1, 2022, an open webinar Vereniging Openbaar Onderwijs (VOO) was organized for staff interested in them to interest them in the words of medicine (MR). At the web-seminar, the words in the holder and the words were written out of the role of the MR-leader, which can be used by the MR-colleague in the director’s office with a number of practical requirements. De MR can ge├»nteresseerde personen opgeven for this webinar ge├»nteresseerden kunnen zichzelf aanmelden.

At this web-seminar, we will share some of our skills, and in the future we will be able to learn about the practical aspects of MR work.

Take a webinar online with 6 and 12 people. Follow the personalities, or learn from the lessons (in the present case). Level: mbo-3 and hbo.

A free webinar in the icy and recent. Report for MR introduction by VOO can here.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids / Johann Lewinsky

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