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Vlaamse regering moet Greenpeace dwangsom van 850.000 euro betalen for falend Luchtbeleidsplan

In 2017, Greenpeace listed managed information on the governance of Flanders to govern the country of Flanders to correct information about the university to Europe. In October 2018, the Brussels Rechtbank was established by Greenpeace in October 2018, when it will implement and implement accounts. Every day a dwangsom of 1000 euros per day.

Hla Vlaams Gewest stelde tijdig een Luchtbeleidsplan op maar dat plan voldeed volgens Greenpeace niet aan de eisen die de rechtbank had opgelegd. The organization begins in November 2019 in the office of the Minister of Flemish Minister van Omgeving and Energy Zuhal Demir (N-VA), which is included in the register of the bank.

The Vlaams West will be able to enforce the plan on the air schedule and will be able to do so, but Brussels will be able to do so, and the plan will not be implemented, and this will be a shame. The Wallachian Governor’s Office in the Council of the Republic of Germany in December 2021 ordeelde ook the Brussels hof van beroep dat het Luchtbeleidsplan nie voldeed en de Vlaamse regering we degelijk dwangsomlen moet.

Het hof moest sindsdien nog het exacte bedrag van de dwangsommen bepalen, en heeft dat nu vastgelegd op 850.000 euro.


“We can see that there are many different ways in which the power of Vlaamse can be established, but it works on a voluptuous ambitious airplane plan,” said Joey Tees, a Mobiliceit expert at Greenpeace. “One of the most important things in our country is 7,500 people who have been able to enjoy the best quality. Once long, the climate in nature has not yet reached the point of being able to move beyond mobility, long-term and inclusive.

With the largest share of the money spent on Greenpeace and the Fund, the open air is open. The funds for activities and events are supported by local projects, the quality of which is enforced by the living.

“Wij stappen niet nare de rechter om dwangsommen te krijgen, maar om beleidsmakers op hun plicht te wijzen en verandering af te dwingen”, klinkt het. “It simply came to our notice then that we were living together. The oversight is unheard of, so we get a selfie in a tandje bij ».

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