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Vitamin D Could Take Base: ‘Discriminerend’

Well, 1.5 million men of vitamin D can be eaten, but one of the most important things to eat is one. Minister Ernst Kuipers van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport neemt namelijk he gives advice on van he Zorginstituut en wil vitamin D uit the basepackket halen.

In front of the winter months, the Dutch take pictures of vitamin D, which is the only place you can eat. Volgens Kuipers can overwhelm the share of the patients “for free costs for their registration costs”. This is a short story in the Tweed Room.

Do you need to use vitamin B12 in education? Read your watch here.

Vitamin D with base

The apothecary organization KNMP is not one with Kuipers, but very much vitamin D self-help can be found. The organization is open to the public on a daily basis. “The vitamin D product out of the base package is typically designed to be penny-wise and fun-foodly,” said KNMP-best Reinier Bax on the organization’s website. “In my apothecary, I can give you a generous amount of food as you can.”

Ook vreest Bax dat de kosten voor fracturen, revalidatie, wijkverpleging en mantelzorg gaan stijgen. “Daarmee is not a premium player.”

Kwetsbare grouppen

The apothecary organization is not the only one who can get over the minister’s decision. Vooral kwetsbare groepen, zoals ouderen en mensen met een donkere huidskleur, worden namelijk benadeeld, vinden velen. “Men and women have a very good vitamin D diet. The schrappen is ready for more opportunity, ”he responded with a twitter.

This is Silvana Simons from BIJ1 who has me. “It is immeasurable that the Netherlands does not deny that they have social classes that have words,” he wrote on Twitter. In other words: the Dutch Health Council is very critical. Onder de kwetsbare groepen vallen onder anderen vrouwen tot 50 jaar met een donkere huidskleur en ouderen.

Onzinnige discussion

Toch zijn er ook mensen bij die de discussionie maar onzinnig vinden. “Vitamin D is also a game that is worth a couple of euros in cruising money?”, Responded to a critical Twitter user. “Where is the base package?” By the way, the doctor is the first to call for the result, but the result is the best for the security. “

Begin juni staat he onderwerp op de agenda in de Tweede Kamer en zal het besproken worden.

Wat gebeurt er eigenlijk in je lichaam als je vaak ongezond eet?

Does it work? Mail. Wij zijn je dankbaar.

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Vitamin D could be taken as a base: ‘Onverantwoord’ and ‘discriminerend’

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