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Vierde zonnepark in gemeente Haarlemmermeer

‘Enorm veel duurzame stroom’

“A zonnepark van deze omvang levert huge veurzame stroom op. Daarmee enjoys the direct park with ambitions in the region for the development of energy and solar panels, as well as in the Regional Energy Strategy for the North Holland South, ”said Klie Edwardat En Stig.

Verzoek ingediend bij province

“The opening period is in good condition with the initial implementation of the plan for an outdoor park of this plek,” said Dr. Nobel van de Energietransitie of the Haarlemmermeer municipality. “The sun park is about 49 percent lower than the hundreds in 2030. In 2030, a large share of energy needs will be spent on local locales.” In front of you, the sun park can be built, the area of ​​Haarlemmermeer is located in a remote area.


It is 24 acres from Eiveg, 2 kilometers, ten north of Hofdorp. You are also close to Polderbaan van Schiphol Airport. In addition to the initial features, the surrounding area is open to the public in the middle of the war in the sun park.

Stimulation area

The province of North Holland has the potential to provide a stimulating zone of energy to live in the provinces. It has a good name and offers a great dynamic atmosphere, which in the second half of the greenhouse and mainland sports in major sports and more large-scale zone-ups can be. The plan is based on the provisions of the Provincial States, which are determined by the definitive states.

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