Home Sports Van Rouwendaal is located in a 5-kilometer WK open water area

Van Rouwendaal is located in a 5-kilometer WK open water area

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Van Rouwendaal TV WK openwaterzwemmen

Sharon van Ruvendal is de WK openwaterzwemmen niet goed begonnen. On the 5th kilometer there is a train station in the Netherlands. The title ging na brazilianse Ana Marcela Cunha, die zo haar zesde wereldtitel pakte.

Van Ruvendal won the 2016 10km Olympic Open in the open water, became a pedestal on the WK pedestal, winning a medal in 2016 in the 10km open water, receiving a medal on the 10km podium.

The wen wil de 28-jarige zwemster deze week bij de WK in Boedapest in vervulling laten gaan, maar haar eerste race was allesbehalve veelbelovend.

Half way on the first

Van Rouwendaal ging maandag goed van start en kwam halverwege de race aan kop. With the Olympic campaign in Rio de Janeiro say more at the top of the earth and complete the second title in Rio de Janeiro, die in Tokyo Van Ruvendal to complete it.

The week of Van Rouwendaal was a chance to get lost. This is a state of 10 kilometers, the Olympics in a favorite place in the program. On Thursday it will take about 25 kilometers.

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