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Van der Burg is not overlooked by the city of Oekraïners

Van der Burg is not overlooked by the city of Oekraïners

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Secretary of State Eric van der Burg van Asiel has not yet given up on short terms and we have been able to take part in the Oekraïne. Twee maanden lang hielden de gemeenten zo’n 10,000 opvangplekken open, voor het geval ze nodig zouden zijn. This week blueprint dates back to 9000, which is a far-reaching trend.

“I don’t want to go over.” We will be able to stand on our own two feet from the United States, but it will be at a slower pace, ”said the Secretary of State. The volume of the last digit is about 46,000 rubles, and the value is 38,000. Daarmee is 82 percent van de opvangcapaciteit benut. This is “gone”, Aldus van der Burg. These verandert do not have the capacity to cover the capacity of 75,000 beds, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Van der Burg is given the right of remorse to increase the capacity of the shareholder or to the com- ments of the pre-existing community for some other group. De hele keten voor de reguliere asielopvang voor mensen uit andere landen dan Oekraïne zit al lange tijd verstopt, waardoor deze week weer grote problemen ontstonden in het aammeldcentrum in Ter Apel. Ook hier moeten gemeenten bisjs springen om mensen opvang te bieden. The problems in the possible situation in the form of more than one day for the community will be in the hands of the minister.

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