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Van Bommel: “Ik gier goed gepast als speler” | Wetball

“We Dutch people come out of a small country, but we think it’s better,” he said. “But you can enjoy it, in culture, in a history club.”

“It is not that of the ‘Hollanders’ even when it is too late, it is: we have it so far,” said Aldus van Bommel. “Zo arrogant zijn wij niet”.

On offer offer Antwerp backstage at push and hurry was the coach of de Limburgze. “We want to play Dutch football, play ball and dominate the ball. If we are afraid of the ball, we will be able to do it again. We want a good mentality and character in the elftal, that past the club. I know how to play here as well as the best way to play football. Nu moet mijn elftal dat gaan doen ».

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