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Uvasen was Harry and Meghan tijdelijk bij andere royals gezet | Show

Prince Harry’s holiday to Megan was celebrated in a loop on the platinum anniversary of van caning Elizabeth to rest the family at Madame Tussauds. Daarnaast hebben de beelden van zowel Harry en Meghan als van de rest van de familie ein make-over gekregen in he wassenbeeldenmuseum ў Лондэне.

Prince Harry and Megan, who died in California, she met children from Archie and Lillibet in London on this anniversary. In addition, the image of the rest of the festivals will be limited. The Museum will be rebuilt in 2020 at the rest of the British Royal Route, which will be open to others, and it will be possible to find the best things to do.

In the reunion of the most beautiful two weeks, we will be able to see Meghan and Harry again. Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry Hebben smoked gekregen vanwege het jubileum. The king’s self-sacrificing life was met by Swarovski-steentjes, who is based on the fact that the official’s life was a portrait portrait for his jubilee. Camilla, de Hertogin van Cornwall, Draagt ​​Een Blave Ballurk, Catherine Heft de Jurk un die ze droed tijdens een bezok un pakistan in 2019 and megan drag drag ein rode yurk die in 2020 Albert Hall in 2020.

On the anniversary weekend in Donderdag from 2 to 2 dates and on June 5 in the UK. On the last day of the festivities, there will be other Jubilee Lunches on the program in a parade with good coets by the straten van Londen. On this day at the festival weekend we met with a platinum anniversary contest.

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