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“Understanding negative knowledge over plans for new mid-level schools”

We have all the plans for the new middle-class schools to be able to find out, to be negatively defined by the Onderwijsinspectie, according to the NRC. There is a name burgerschapsonderwijs schiet tekort in de aanvragen.

Ten minste negen van de elf initialieven voldoen niet aan alle wettelijke eisen, meldt de krant op base van inspectieverslagen en een rondgang langs betrokken schoolbesturen. If you come to school, you will not be able to do it very well.

The plans for burgher scouts are very initial, very Islamic, very concretely and clearly. There are 37 basic educational initiatives, they are Islamic, and there is a positive reaction from the inspection. That comes with the help of a burglary that can be used for burgerschap kant-en-klare lesprogramma’s best.

The initial ones from the new school bales. There is a lot of inspection in this hot stadium.

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