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Twitter offers $ 150 million in privacy

Twitter paid $ 150 million to an American authority to make it ultra-private. Met de schikking koopt het socialemediaplatform strafrechtelijke vervolging in de VS af.

Twitteraars from my 2013 to September 2019 to this phone number and email address included in the account. However, the authorities of the American authorities did not allow Twitter to open information about adversaries, the data of the condensate of men and personalized adventures for the Schotelen.

140 million users

“Twitter is open to users or presenters of these issues, but it is also open to adversity,” said the director of the American Trade Commission (TCF). “Practical classes for more than 140 million Twitter users.”

This social media platform is open to the development of personal “extreme series”. The privacy director found that Twitter was “in the process of providing you with personal data from men who were able to provide confidential information”.

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