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Transavia schrapt 240 exceptions with the problem in Schiphol

Luchtvaartmaatschappij Transavia annulled in July and August 240 vluchten vanaf Schiphol, vanwege de personeelsproblemen op de luchthaven. Hierdoor has about 13,000 bookings.

The weather will be closed on July 7 and August 14. Transavia is always available for all passengers.

Surrounded area

Volgens Transavia can reach 70 percent of the passengers who are allowed to go to an other airport, and are able to do other things today. Bij 30 percent lut dit niet. These passengers will be able to get their ticket back, or they will be able to travel to another place.

Ook in de rest van augustus moeten vluchten vanaf Schiphol geschrapt worden, onduidelijk is nog hoeveel. Reizigers die tussen 15 en 28 augustus reizen, krijgen half juli te horen of hun vlucht doorgaat.

Schiphol makes a week-long weekday in July and August with a number of passengers at the airport, and you will be able to take a personal trip. In July, a maximum of 67,500 reisers per day can be reached, and in August there are 72,500 reisigers. KLM maakte eerder bekend in July 7000 stoelen for each day.

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