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Top Gun: Maverick is a successful Tom Cruise film in the Netherlands Show

De vorige recordhouder is the film “Mission: Impossible”. Drop outuit 2018. Ook wereldwijd breekt Top Gun: Maverick all records. The user of the film is $ 900 million.

The European premiere at the Cannes Film Festival will open at the Top Gun Film Festival. У Top Gun: Maverick warrior of the rebellion pilot from his new maidje Ice (Val Kilmer), in general, a special task on a young light lighter flight attendant and train for a very bright and enormous mission. The pilot is Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller), and with the Mavericks is Gus’s best friend.

Ook Gudo Tienhuven, who sat out with AD movies, was thrilled with de Top Gun: Maverick. The movie star will be released in a movie.

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