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This winter is one of the warmest and mildest in the history of the Netherlands

This winter is one of the warmest and mildest in the history of the Netherlands

The last few months may have been pretty gray, but now that the meteorological winter has officially come to an end, experts report that the 2021/2022 winter season was actually one of the mildest in the history of the Netherlands!

In 2021/2022 the winter was dry and mild weather

At an average temperature of 5.8 degrees this winter was 1.9 degrees warmer than usual, making it the sixth warmest winter in the Netherlands since the early 20th century. The official record is held until 2007, with an average temperature of 6.5 degrees.

The Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) has recorded frost for only 22 days in the last few months, which is much less than the 35 frost days that are usually recorded in De Bilt. There was also no real snow in the Netherlands (unlike last year), and although February was wetter than usual, December and January were dry.

This news did not come as a big surprise, as the Netherlands celebrated a particularly warm New Year in December, and the last weekend of 2021 broke almost all national weather records. February broke some of its own records, thanks to Dudley, Eunice and Franklin in the country recorded six stormy days in a row.

Forecasts say the Netherlands should enjoy the warm spring

Now that the meteorological spring has officially begun, what kind of weather can you expect in the coming months? Will 2022 be reminiscent of the sunny and warm spring of 2020, or will it be disappointingly cold like 2021?

Experts on weer.nl expect that the spring of 2022 will be warmer than usual, although the forecasts are not entirely certain. March looks particularly optimistic at the moment, and “in general, it seems that this year the probability is warmer than the usual spring… seems quite high.”

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