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 Themes Abraham is called AS

Meets videoAS Roma in Feyenoord have played before the Europa League group stage. This is a 0-3 victory over Roma in Turin. Yesterday Saturday the clubs held a league final conference in Tirana.

Temi Abraham was the best man in AS Roma. The 24-year-old is spitting out of London, earning 40 million euros, scoring the 25th and 26th goals in his 51st year at Roma. In Serie A, Engelsman scored 17 goals. The League of Conferences holds dangers as well as top scorer Cyril Desserts.

Abraham opened the 33rd minute to score on the British action because of Afrond. Kort daard werd hij onderuit gehaald door Torino-doelman Etrit Berisha, wäar hij zelf de strafschop door het midden binnenschoot: 0-2. In the 78th minute Abraham did not make a hat trick, he surpassed the victory of Niccolo Zaniola, who considered a penalty on average, as well as Lorenzo Pellegrini.

AS Roma wist dat he zich met een zege in de laatste speelronde zou plaatsen voor de groepsfase van de Europa League. Niet alleen Roma is nu zeker van de groepsfase in the tweede European toernooi, maar ook Feyenoord. The Rotterdamers have had a ticket to the Eredivisie in the Eredivisie alleen nog one ticket for the first round of the Europa League in handen.

This is a name you can win in the League of Conferences to get a ticket to the grouping in the Europa League. Als AS Roma woensdagavond de finale wint, schuift dat ticket nu automatisch door naar Feyenoord, ook als de finale in Tirana wordt verloren. From the Rotterdamers, you can also get rid of the vehicles in the big phase.

Temi Abraham scores 25 and 26 goals in Roma. © AP

AS Roma speelde zoals hele seizoen al in he 3-4-3 system met wingbacks en Abraham als het grote speerpunt voorin. Rick Karsdorp will come out in the 58th minute in the name of Nikola Zalewski. Leonardo Spinazola, who went to the UK for Italy, spent 82 minutes in the final on Sunday.

AS Roma came as a star, but the rival Lazio is the source of the Europa League. When you leave Serie A for Fiorentina and Atalanta, you will see when in Serie A you get a ticket to the League of Conferences. The clubs of Florence and Bergamo held 59 points and 37 matches.

The final balance is in the lead of Atalanta (+18 om +6), but Fiorentina won a season of duels with Atalanta in the Serie A. Дааром хеефт капопер AC Milan morgenavond ook genoeg aan eel gelijkspel bij Sassuolo om Inter af te troeven in de Milanese titelstrijd in de Serie A.

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