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The new Dutch app features genuine and counterfeit euro banknotes

The new mobile app is launched from The Dutch Bank (DNB) was designed to help people identify counterfeit banknotes and prevent them from fraud.

The DNB app can detect counterfeit banknotes

Developed and launched by the Dutch Central Bank Check the ticket (“check your account”) The program works using the camera feature on smartphones, scanning banknotes to determine if a bill is counterfeit. Users just need to put the bill on a flat surface and scan it through the app using the camera on their phone. The program then compares the image with a DNB image database.

According to DNB, in 2021 alone, more than 26,000 counterfeit banknotes were found in the Netherlands, most of which were counterfeit 50-euro banknotes. Although “the probability of someone falling into the hands of a counterfeit banknote is very small,” DNB hopes the new app will reduce the number of people who unknowingly end up with counterfeit banknotes in their wallets.

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