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The Netherlands is turning to coal instead to limit gas use

The Dutch government has announced its decision to increase coal production to ensure that the country will be able to produce enough energy for the coming winter.

Jetten warns that the Netherlands is in the first stage of the gas crisis

Sanctions against Russia and the ongoing war in Ukraine are forcing countries across Europe to take decisive action to guarantee winter fuel supplies. This week, Germany announced it was turning to coal to replenish its limited gas supplies to the country. Now the Netherlands has confirmed that it will follow in the footsteps of its neighbor, as the Dutch government is trying to “prepare the Netherlands as best as possible for the winter.”

On Monday afternoon, Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten confirmed that the Netherlands would increase coal production and limit the use of natural gas. Jetten stressed that the country is not short of gas yet, but has made it clear that we are in the “first stage of the gas crisis” and therefore have to take action.

“Now we see that the total volume of gas supplies from Russia to Europe is rapidly declining,” – says Jetten. “We can no longer guarantee that we will be able to sufficiently fill gas storage facilities in Europe and the Netherlands to prepare for winter.”

The Dutch government is lifting production limits for coal-fired power plants

To reduce CO2 emissions, the current policy states that Dutch coal-fired power plants can only operate at 35 percent capacity. To reduce the country’s dependence on gas, the government has decided to immediately lift the current restriction on coal production. This means that from 2022 to 2024, coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands will be able to operate at full capacity.

This policy change is in direct opposition to the coalition’s climate goals as the cabinet hopes to reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands by 55 percent by 2030. Jetten was adamant that the decision did not mean he had “lost” the country’s goals, adding that he hoped to introduce a new policy to reduce emissions. Principal in September.

The government has also issued an “urgent call” for businesses and households to limit energy consumption and “save as much energy as possible” during the warmer summer months. The energy saving campaign of the Cabinet of Ministers will officially start on July 4 and will include tips and advice for entrepreneurs and families. “From now on, every cubic meter of gas counts,” Jetten said.

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