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The Dutch special fundraising campaign is raising 106 million euros for Ukraine

The Dutch special fundraising campaign is raising 106 million euros for Ukraine

Last week, the Giro555 initiative launched a fundraising campaign for Ukraine. According to preliminary data, the company managed to raise more than 106 million euros.

Giro555 raises more than 100 million euros for Ukraine

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a wave of national support took place in the Netherlands, protests took place across the country, and campaigns were held to collect donations and materials to help the people of Ukraine. The Giro555 initiative, a collaboration between eleven relief organizations, organized one such campaign to raise money for housing, health care, drinking water and food for those affected by the conflict.

Giro555 included radio and television broadcasting, which involved both public and commercial broadcasters. The radio broadcast went from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on ten different radio stations, and DJs accepted requests from listeners in exchange for donations. Television special Samen in Actie voor Oekraine took place from 20.30 to 23.00 on NPO 1, RTL 4 and SBS 6 and saw celebrities calling on phone lines to receive donations from the public.

Preliminary figures show that on the day of the Giro555 shares raised more than 106 million euros, and this figure is expected to grow in the coming days. The broadcast on NPO 1 attracted more than 1.4 million viewers, and this figure was improved only by the news at 20:00 on NPO1 and the news at 19:30 on RTL 4.

The third successful Giro555 fundraiser

Even before the start of the broadcast, Giro555 had already raised about 21.4 million euros in donations. By the middle of the day it had risen to more than 29.5 million euros. Approximately 40.9 million euros were raised before the start of the TV special show. During a television broadcast, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands Lisa Schreinemacher announced that the Cabinet would allocate another 15 million euros to Ukraine for emergency assistance in addition to 24.5 million, which has already been promised by the Dutch government.

Giro555 is its third successful fundraiser, according to a preliminary figure of 106 million euros. Their campaign to protect the victims of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 raised the most money from any company (208 million euros), followed by the campaign to protect the victims of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 (111 million euros).

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