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The best party is coming to Uden, but the final will be a hit | Regional sports

The SIS team from Uden was in the FIFA World Cup as well as in the playoff finals. The finale was a naive goal, but Jean van Erp’s time was not worth it. SIS greep the camp.

Net als de bilarters wilen gaan warmspelen dlya de finale van het NK driebanden dlya kamand, floept er een groot tv-scherm aan in he volgepakte SIS Billiards Experience Center in Uden. Use live television live, and receive a report from an audience in the Netherlands.


Oud-NOS-bilartverslaggever Ben de Graaf (85) is a member of the (in the most sporty sport in the world), but the men are not interested in anything else. Volgens Willem La Riviere, director of the KNBB billiards, has been driving with him for a while (“Fluisteren hoeft niet meer, er klinkt muziek tijdens de wedstrijden”). In world championships, Dick Jaspers played this sport “on our bottom line”. “En er zijn nog veel bilarttafels in Nederland.”

By the end of the day, SIS Schoonmaak will be able to watch Bousema and Lochem at Jaspers. On the other hand, you can do it, he had to help all the competitors in the team to play with the team this season in a foreign program with other international programs.


It turns out to be a slock on a barrel for SIS, it takes a long time to regulate the competition off the ground, but two weeks ago we found a stretch in Lochem with 4-4 goals. En met slechts een voordeeltje van één carambole in de plus aan he thuisduel begint deze maandagavond.

Heeswijker Jean van Erp schiet names from thuisploeg uit de startblokken tegen de Belg Johan Loncelle (14-0), maar ziet die voorsprong bij het ingaan van de pause gehalveerd (21-14). On the other hand, “jonkie” Raymond Swertz (33) at this time from 12 to 20 years remained in the routine of Frans van Schaik (57), so the teams are kept in caroms to the fullest.

The unfamiliar Van Erp has a good time: 40-25 in 15 hours; in the other party as Swertz in a bloody ending phase of a 39-37 advance, however, van Schaik uiteindelijk toch feliciteren: 39-40 in 38 beurten.


The spanning in the title starts at the checkpoint, not at the temperature in the billiard center. Kunen Raymond Burgman (Tegen de Duisser Stefan Gala) and Belg Eddie Merck (Tegen de Duisser Martin Horn) with a cluster for SIS?

Halverwege is het bj Burgman tegen Galla 18-20, bij Merckx tegen Horn 20-19. Everything is possible. Jean van Erp loopt intussen zenuwachtig heen en weather. ,, But we do not blush, do not blush. She is a pet for underdogs. I was very close to the play-offs. We managed to meet the best in the competition, when Buzema met één carambole verschil kampioen worden ”.

Justify Miss

You are not worth it. It is clear that this party is in favor of the SIS. How do you do it? Burgman is the first to be 40. Als zijn tegenstander Galla in de nabeurt geen zeven caramboles maakt, is SIS kampioen. Galla is not ready to print in this place. It is 40-34 in 28 hours. SIS is geslaagd in de missie; the title is inside. Merkx makes this party complete even later than you can win: 40-35 in 26 hours.

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