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The best BMX’ers ​​boycotted EK op ‘onveilige baan’ in Dessel | Sports

Blijf zo altijd op de hoogte van al het sportnieuws. For football, tennis, football, motor sports, sports and dartnieuws we have on our website special pagina’s ingericht, waarop de belangrijkste zaken in deze sporten.

Beste BMX’ers ​​boycotted EK op “onveilige baan” in Dessel

18.28 hours: The best BMXs from the Netherlands on July 9 do not meet the EC in the Belgian country. Bondscoach Martijn Jaspers has not been trained for a long time. De Nederlandse wielerbond KNWU has been sent to BMX’s for 15 years in a row to the EC.

The KNWU has been used by Europeans for a long time and has been banned in Dessel. “The answer that we have given us is not to give the door to the problem given by the general public that we can spread in a great way on a top level,” W meldt He van de KNU.

“We have made this insurance company open in the evening, so we can talk about being able to make a difference in a relationship in the country,” Vertelt Van Beusekom said. “We have been able to talk to each other for a long time, as we have insisted on sports for a single event, but we have been able to save a lot of time.” Dit alles bij elkaar heeft ons doen besluiten om alle renners van 15 jaar en ouder van de deelnemerslijst te halen. Riders are on the 15th of this year, but they have been able to stay in the camp ».

The WK BMX had 29 people and met on July 31 in Nantes, France.

Dutch wielerkampioene Markus verlengt contract Jumbo-Visma

16.11 hours: Riejanne Markus rijdt ook de komende twee jaar voor Jumbo-Visma. De 27-jarige renster uit Diemen heeft haar contract bij de Nederlandse ploeg verlengd tot eind 2024. Markus veroverde zaterdag bij het NK op de weg de rood-wit-blauwe kampioenstrui op de VAM-berg in Drenthe.

“I want to have a good time in this plow,” said Markus, who was hit by NK in Emmen tweede when he was elite Ellen van Dyke. In 2024, in 2024, there will be the Olympic Games in Paris. «The package in the family sphere goes well with me. We want to play sports as a mental train. Daardoor ben ik de afgelopen anderhalf jaar niet alleen als renster, maar ook als mens gegroeid ».

Marcus klopte zaterdag Shirin van Anrooy in a sprint bovenop de vam-berg. Ze mag daardoor een jaar in de Nederlandse kampioenstrui rijden. Markus comes to the end of the year before the Tour de France for women.

Spaanse voetbalsters zonder top scorer Hermoso naar EK in England

15.11 hours: De Spaanse voetbalsters gaan zonder Jennifer Hermoso in EK in England. The 32-year-old has been given in advance of a knieblessure, and the two daardoor has taken a turn. Spain has all the favorites for European titles.

Hermoso verhuisde onlangs from FC Barcelona to the Mexican club Pachuca. Ze maakte in de afgelopen drie seizoenen bijna negentig doelpunten voor Barcelona, ​​waarmee ze vorig jaar de League Champions выиграў. It is most of all the Spanish company in the final with the European bekertoernooi, which will join the Olympic Lyon.

Hermoso Werd Vorig Jaar is the top scorer in the Champions League. In 91 intercountries for Spain 45 places that have the top scorer. Spain on the EC in Group B is the record champions of Germany, Denmark and Finland. Elective player is Alexia Putelas of FC Barcelona, ​​who received the Golden Ball (Gouden Bal) and opened the door to FIFA.

Rugbybond, which has a huge level in Spain for WK

13.58 hours: Spanje blijft ook na beroep uitgesloten van deelname aan het WK regby van volgend jaar. The Southern European Land has been given a chance to choose a non-player-specific game in two qualifications for the World Cup in the French language. Spanje tekende protest aan, maar een onafhankelijke beroepskommissie wees dat af, meldt wereldrugbybond World Rugby maandag.

“The best ruler at the door of the Spanish Rugby match is the commission of the commission,” he said in a statement. Spanje kreeg ook puntenaftrek en een boete van 25.000 sažalka (29.000 euro). Romania is open as a destination.

Gingin de den Berg, who was born in South Africa, died in the rugby world of Rugby. He played two of them in qualifying streams in the Netherlands.

Van Rouwendaal op WK buiten medailles on the 5-kilometer open water

13.20 hours: Zwemster Sharon van Rowendall came out in WK in Hungary, 5 kilometers in open water. The 28-year-old Nederlandse ticked in Lupa-meer as a tiende aan. Such a place on Ana Marcelo Cunha, the Olympic campaign at 10 kilometers.

The 30-year-old Brazilian won a sprint from the front of the group in the belief that there were six titles in the open water. The long one has a title on the short distance, from 5 kilometers. The French Aureli Mueller found himself tweede, the bronze ging naar Giulia Gabbrielleschi from Italy.

Van Rouwendaal waited for horses on his first world title. The baarnse pacts are made by three WK-silver in open water. In 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic campaign is 10 kilometers away, in Tokyo, as in the tweed, which has Cunha. In the beginning of the game, Spelen had the EC in Boedapest with European titles of 5 to 10 kilometers.

Op de WK in hetzelfde Lupa-meer zwom de Nederlandse troef de eerste kilometers op de tweede plaats, vlak achter de Australialische Moesha Johnson. In tweed deel van de raste zakte van ruvendaal echter wat weg. Ze in in de finishstraat not meesprint about medals.

Woensdag doet Van Rouwendaal op de WK in Boedapest Ook mee aan de 10 kilometers. During the evening 25 kilometers to day by day on the program. Van Rouwendaal mixes on the top of the medal.

By mannen ging de wereldtitel at 5 kilometers to Duitser Florian Wellbrock, the Olympic camp of Tokyo on the double distance. Wellbrock (24) bleef de Italian Gregorio Paltrinieri bijna vier seconden voor. Mikhail Romantsek wit Oekraïne pakte het brons. Bij de WK van drie jaar geleden in South Korea won Wellbrock at 10 kilometers in open water and at 1500 meters in this Zwembad.

Mwene and Hoever melden zich op training PSV

11.08 hours: Philip Mwen and Aanwinst Ki-Yana Hover, who ordered you to prepare a PSV training. The Oustenrijker Mwene keert back to a blessing. Haver, even though, is the door of the Eindhoven for a year ago from the English Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Coach Ruud van Nistelrooy, like Cody Gakpo and Jordan Thesis, July 4, 2009. Carlos Vinicius, Andre Ramallo and Maura Jr., who were blessed to later express their opinions. It wasn’t for Olivier Boscali. In France, a beautiful wedding in April was a time of enchantment, and in the second half of the week, in the second half of the season, he rented.

PSV opens on Tuesday, July 2, a public event in Cercle Brugge. Toeschouwers zijn daarbij niet toegestaan, we verzorgt de club een livestream.

Van de Zandshulp started at the age of 25 at Wimbledon

09.36 hours: Botic van de Zandschulp started with 25 van de Weld at Wimbledon. On the Monday, the published ATP list is from the Netherlands and has been posted for a week. Van de Zandschulp, die afgelopen week bij het grastoernooi van Mallorca al in de eerste ronde verloor, stond aan het begin van dit jaar nog 57e.

Tallon Griekspoor has won against Mallorca in the quarterfinals, but its ranking does not change: 53e. Tim van Reithoven occupied 104 people. Van Reithoven met with a dummy when speaking at Wimbledon.

The top 10 was slechts één wijziging. De Griek Stefanas Tsitsypas Steeg has a place in the state of life. This is the ten Costa de Nur Casper Ruud. De Rus Daniil Medvedev leidt de wereldranglijst. This, not as all other tennis players in Russia and Belarus, is not welcome at Wimbledon outside of Oorlog in Ukraine. Tennis Bond ATP is a great way to get to London with great points for the world team.

Jackson loopt derde tijd ooit op 200 meters

07.41 hours: Jamaican athlete Sherika Jackson reached the 200-meter distance. The sprint deed gave the time to camp on the land in Kingston. With a time of 21.55 he was given one of the favorites for the world title, following the WK in the American Eugene. De 27-yarridge Jackson ran 100 meters.

Slechts Florence Griffith-Joyner (21.34) and Jamaican Elaine Thompson-Hera (21.53) are war oyit Sneler. The American, listed in 1998, set a record for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Tied van Thompson-Hera was transferred to Tokyo and became for the Olympic title. Dafne Schippers staat met 21,63, waarmee ze ў Пекіне ў 2015 de wereldtitel veroverde, op de zesde plaats op de eeuwige ranglijst van de dubbele sprintafstand.

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