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Stuntman Fortune Sittard: Burak Yilmaz in Limburg | Wetball

He would choose Yelmaz to make a stunt format of the genetic word. Spitting has played for other clubs in Turkey in the French USC Lille and are the 77th international clubs in Turkey. In the interlands, he was 33 years old, and three days later he was orange. Several securities for EK 2016, in Turkey ten suits in the Netherlands.

“I can’t help but be at Fortuna Sittard,” said Yilmaz. “For me, it was a complete payment of an enormous number of people, so what can I do in Sittard and I want to be there. Maar eerst gaat de focus op mijn periode als speler bij de club. The club is ambitious and I want to be able to come together with my best friend.

Cord Ars technical manager is a trait in Binnenhalen van Yilmaz. “This is a great day for Fortuna Sittard, so we can play with this status. Burak is ondanks zijn leeftijd nog enorm fit en gretig. We can be overwhelmed by the fact that we have been trying to meet our needs for a long time.

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