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Students are inclined to make annuity or study money

The rent is widely available for a period of five years for a group of students who have studied for a long time, according to ISO. “The high income of the rent comes to a stand on the basis of a well-established effective return on a viable Dutch state of affairs in the pre-college student. .

However, the high economic situation in high inflation can be determined by the annuity on the study of the amount of money to be paid at 1.5 percent of the total, according to ISO. “We do not have to pay for a mortgage for a hypothetical issue in the case of compensation for leenstelselgeneratie. duizenden euro’s. Dat is serieus veel geld wat gepaard gaat met serieus veel zorgen “, zegt De Roos.

The ISO is also open to other students who pay more money, as soon as possible to get energy and energy costs, the cost of booze and the most expensive time of college money for students from 2023-2024, free of charge. “The applauding plans are to finance students or students,” said De Roos.


He was the head of Minister Robert Deikgraaf van Underweiss, the head of the culture and education department, which teaches students the element of costumes. The words of the Word of War are very important and realize that the last period of historical history is a unique one. “Bovendien goes to study to pay attention to the old social skills: we always believe in the fact that we are in the middle of nowhere in the future. In addition to the rent, it is the end of one end of one end of one end of one end of one end of one end of one end of one end of one end. Five years ago, the percentage of the study was given at the time of the previous meeting. “

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