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Sports Card: The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat will advance to the NBA Playoffs Sports

Blijf zo altijd op de hoogte van al het sportnieuws. For football, tennis, football, motorsport, sports and sports we have on our website special pagina’s content, we are interested in Belarusian sports in this sport. In this section, the sports court comes in handy.

The Boston Celtics won the Miami Heat

07.50 hours: The Boston Celtics won 102-82 in a game against the Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs. In several matches in the Eastern Conference Finals in the Eastern Conference Finals with a score of 2-2, this is before the NBA Finals. Weensdag volgt Game 5 in Miami.

Twee dagen na de nederlaag in Boston hervond Jayson Tatum zijn koelbloedigheid met 31 punten. In this duel at TF Garden van Boston Tatum Bovendien made 8 rebounds and 5 assists. In verdedigend opzicht onderscheidde Al Horford zich made 13 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Victor Oladipa, who started working at the bank, was in Miami, where he met 23 people. Niemand van de baseploeg kwam tot dubbele cijfers.

Miami coach Eric Spoelstra was the best as a result. “We are well-behaved, we have no excuses,” said the coach, who remarked on the answer to his plow. “It’s very easy to be on the play-off, it’s good to play in the distance.”

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