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Sports card: Sherika Jackson 200 meters on the loop Sports

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Jackson loopt derde tijd ooit op 200 meters

07.41 hours: Jamaican athlete Sherika Jackson reached the 200-meter distance. The sprint deed gave the time to camp on the land in Kingston. With a time of 21.55 he was given one of the favorites for the world title, following the WK in the American Eugene. De 27-yarridge Jackson ran 100 meters.

Slechts Florence Griffith-Joyner (21.34) and Jamaican Elaine Thompson-Hera (21.53) are war oyit Sneler. The American, listed in 1998, set a record for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Tied van Thompson-Hera was transferred to Tokyo and became for the Olympic title. Dafne Schippers staat met 21,63, waarmee ze ў Пекіне ў 2015 de wereldtitel veroverde, op de zesde plaats op de eeuwige ranglijst van de dubbele sprintafstand.

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