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Sport Kort: Haase mist eerste toernooizege sinds 2016 | Sports

 Sport Kort: Haase mist eerste toernooizege sinds 2016 |  Sports

Tennis Haase mist eerste tornooizege sinds 2016

09.27 hours: Tennis player Robin Haase in 2016 is not needed this year. The representative of van Simkent in Kazakhstan was de Uzbek Sergei Famin, who finished in the final for 35 Hagenaar: 7-6 (4) 6-3.

Vaor Haase, please blessed 324th place in 324 hours, and the last final began in 2020. In Bangkok most of all there were problems with a physical problem. It is the most beautifully built Haase op een challenger in Roemeense city Sibiu. On the highest level, the ATP Tour, you saw two of them on the Kitzbühel tour (in 2011 and 2012).

Zalatoris performed in the PGA Championship, Woods haalt de cut

09.17 hours: American golfer Will Zalataris became the top tweed champion in the PGA Championship. Zalatoris ging rond in 65 slagen, genoeg om de Noord-Ier Rory McIlroy te passeren. Tiger Woods, but we are competing in a car race, we have a lot to do today. The American golfing legend was clear on 69 slagen en haalde zo de cut waardoor ook hij het toernooi mag vervolgen.

Woods was at the start of the opening day met with 74 99s, mostly at the Southern Hills Country Club van Tulsa aanzienlijk. Daar zag het na een dubbelbogey op hole 11 niet naar uit, maar de American redde zich met birdies op de holes 13 en 16. “I moest er hard voor werken en dat heb ik gedaan”, zei Woods bij ESPN. “Hopelijk kom ik dit weekeinde los, dan weet je het nooit”.

The best round on the second day of this year is the name of American Bubba Watson with 63 slag, a door of Chilean Mito Pereira with 64. In the classroom there is a Zalatoris one slap for Pereira. American Justin Thomas holds the right to the dryer. Watson Klom met with a record 56e naar de vierde plaats. McIlroy zakte na plaats vijf, Woods is gedeeld 53e.

The Warriors basketball players are intoxicated for the Mavericks

08.28 hours: Basketball players from the Golden State Warriors Heban Oak Hoon Tweed met the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals. The plow from San Francisco was given to a 19-point backwater. Not in the fourth quarter of the year 86-85 of the lead. Met with Stephen Curry as the highest (32 points) in 126-112 for the Warriors. Winning the Best of Seven series before the NBA Finals,

“It simply came to our notice then. Thank you for your insights, we will be there again ”, said Curry at the 200th play-offs in the history of his club. Allen Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and San Antonio Spurs Coastal Millpool eerder.

De Mavericks is one of the fans in San Francisco. Luka Doncic was sent to 42 points, but he is still very close to his wife.

In Dallas, fights are held day and day.

Van Dyck will be outlined by the verbinden of the historical list werelduurrecord

08.16 hours: Wielrenster Ellen van Dijk hoopt met haar aanval op het werelduurrecord maandag haar naam toe te voegen aan een istorische list. U Zwitserse Grenchen has a record about the record of Britse Joscelin Lowden and breaks in the voices of the three of the other Keetie van Oosten-Hage and Leontien van Moorsel.

Van Dijk wants to be able to reach the distance of 48,405 kilometers from the Lowen River. Well, you can see that I can tell you, but I don’t know. “I started with rounds without a record of the record,” he said. “Many people do not want to go down, but they do not have a special record, they have a special idea, a standard that does not make you feel good. I have a lot of respect for him. If I have a very good day, try it out. ”

For Van Dijk comes with a record of a long-awaited event. “It simply came to our notice then. Dat heb ik ook aangegeven toen ik een contract tekende bij mijn ploeg Trek-Segafredo ».

“I hope it’s a good record,” Van Dyke said. “By this recordpoging, it has been the best thing to do.” Een record dat lang stand moet houden hoeft niet, want ze wil dat haar aanval andere rensters ook motiveert een poging te doen.

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