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Sport Court: Griekspoor stijgt op worldldranglijst | Sports

Tennis players from Greece play against the world rankings

12.24 hours: Tennisser Tallon Griekspoor is located on the top of the world. He is not on the 58th place. Number 2 in the Netherlands will host the quarterfinal week in Geneva.

Bots van de Zandschulp is leg altijd de nummer 29 van de Weld. This is the 30th week of the World Cup. It has been a week since Roland Garros has a unique status and is 26 years old.

Zuel Grikspur (25) as Van de Zandshulp (26) saw the light in tweed at Roland Garros. Ze komen beiden pas op woensdag weer in action.

Bij de vrouwen leverde Arantxa Rus twee plekken in en zij staat nu op de 78e plek. Rus (31) plays for Roland Garros. De Kazachse Alena Rybakina, where number 16 is on the list, is next. In the top 10 sages Grixe Maria Saccari and Paulo Bados in Spain. Sakkari is now in Badosa vierde.

Spartak Moscow has a very difficult financial situation

11.02 hours: The Russian football club Spartak Moscow has a lot of financial problems. Spartak 2 plays in 2015 at the level of Tweed in the Russian competition. The club from the Russian Hofdstad, where Quincy Promes, Guus Til en Jorrit Hendrix under contract, underwent financial support from the Oorlog in Oekraïne.

Sponsor Nike has developed a contract to sign a contract to see Spartak Moscow to do what we have in Europe. The club has always had two weeks to compete in the Russian competition, but not on the spot. UEFA has all Russian clubs under the name of the European Union of Military Invalids in Ukraine.

“The club can’t and still has a budget,” Spartak Moscow wrote in a statement. “Getting new realities in financial opportunities, we are Spartak 2 op.” The tweede elftal was oppericht met als doel om talenten ervaring te laten opdoen op hoog niveau. Good thing you can play A-picks to bless you in Spartacus 2.

As long as Hendrix plays for Feyenoord, Roma will open in the final of the Conference League League in Albania. The huntcontract of middenvelder Hendrix loopt nog een jaar door.

Manuel Neuer (36) has signed a contract with Bayern Munich

11.00 hours: Dulman Manuel Neuer signed a contract with Bayern Munich tussentijds weer met een jaar verlengd. The 36-year-old goalkeeper in 2024 in 2024 in the “Rekordmeister”. Newly launched in 2011 at Schalke 04 in Bayern Munich in the 2017 draft season.

“Manuel is the best keeper who has the right to stop at what he needs to be the best,” – directed Oliver Kahn, zelf oud guard. “We are a valuable contract. Manuel is an icon at FC Bayern Munich.

Met Neuer in Bavaria, Munich, which means going to the Bundesliga. De Doelman won a meeting with the Duitse voetbalclub ook onder meer keer de League Champions, the European Supercup and the WK voor clubs (in 2013 and 2020). In 2014 he scored 472 wives in Bavaria, in 2014 he met with Duitsland de Weldtitel in WK in Brazil.

Van topschutter Robert Lewandowski loopt zijn contract in München volgend jaar af. The pool spit on the clubleiding laten weten dat hij deze zomer wil vertrekken.

Golfer Thomas won the PGA Championship and is back in history

08.40 hours: American golfer Justin Thomas took the PGA championship. 29 hours Thomas, died in 2017 majoring in “American Major” in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the title of Return. Thomas ging de slotronde ў met zeven slagen achterstand op de Chileense leider Mito Pereira, maar knokte zich met een ronde van 67 slagen naar de top van he classsement.

Pereira gaf de coppositie op de laatste hole uit handen. The 27-year-old Chilean, the night of a major won, has a ball in the water in the most indivisible of a double bogey (+2) invullen on his score card. Pereira eidigde daardoor op 276 slagen, én meer dan Thomas en diens landgenoot Will Zalatoris. The Americans will open the playoffs at the Southern Hills Country Club. The begonnen beiden met par op hole 13, waarna Thomas met een a birdie op hole 18 het verschil maakte. Het leverde hem voor de tweede keer de enorme Wanamaker-trofee op.

Thomas was a compatriot of John Mahafi in 1978 when a tweed golfer in the PGA Championship won the PGA Championship.

Liverpool fog Origi in the Champions League final, Thiago Onzeker

08.37 hours: Liverpool could end up in the Champions League final if Real Madrid beat Orange’s Orange. The Belgian spice, which is located next to Engelse’s football club, is open to the public. The initial competition following the competition in Wolverhampton Wanderers (3-1) and coach Jurgen Klopp is not coming to the finals in Paris.

“Vijf dagen om te herstellen is voor hem niet genoeg”, zei Klopp. “This is the last time the training has been completed.” Origi, who moved to Liverpool in 2019, was a Belarusian andel who won the Champions League. In the 27th year, Belgium reached the final half when they returned to FC Barcelona (4-0) and in the final was Tottenham Hotspur (2-0).

Клоп can only be played by the player Цьяга Алькантара for Real. In Spain, the middle-aged races are still being cut short by Wolves. “It doesn’t look good, but it doesn’t matter,” Aldus Klopp said. “Ik hem hem net met zijn dochter op zijn schouders dus hij kon in ieder geval lopen, dat is een goed teken. Ein MRI-scan moet uitwijzen hoe ernstig het is.”

Virgil van Dijk is looking forward to the blessing of the week of this week in the final of the FA Cup against Chelsea. Liverpool’s medical staff is highly qualified for the end of the Champions League.

The Golden State Warriors is the grand final of the NBA

08.33 hours: The basketball players from the Golden State Warriors did not win the NBA Grand Final. San Francisco won a duel with the Dallas Mavericks in the best series in the West Finals. Under the adventures of van Stephen Curry (31 strokes, 11 assists) and Andrew Wiggins (27 strokes, 11 rebounds) the Zegevierden de Warriors in Dallas met 109-100.

The most popular NBA champions had the first two matches for their audiences between 112-87 and 126-117. The Warriors were able to pay for the grand finale of the NBA, where they were champions from the west and the east strikes about the title. In this series, the Miami Heat met the Boston Celtics 2-1.

Luka Doncic went to Weliswaar for 40 points before the Dallas Mavericks and the Spencer Dinwiddie was on a shot with 26 points, but the most important club in the world is the most famous warriors. “This was a great team performance,” said the 34-year-old Curry, in 2015, 2017 and 2018 at the championships with the club in California. .

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