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Spiritual Pact Highway Whit – NRC

Spiritual Pact Highway Whit - NRC

Soul is alle muziek die de menselijke ziel kan beroeren, zei J Spaceman (Jason Pierce) in 1997 in the album Spiritualized Ladies and gentlemen, we are swimming in space. Een kwart eeuw later grijpt Everything was beautiful print back on a career high point, out of medical packaging on hoes all over the gospel – a free jazz show in the music. Spaceman is a master of hypnotic bombast songs as well as songs like ‘Always Together With You’, which is not about violins and music on the highway. Zelfs het rolatie rustige ‘Let It Bleed (For Iggy)’ wordt overvallen door een groots crescendo, also Phil Specter zich ongevraagd met de productie heeft bemoeid. In “Song A” the words of the harmonic opbouw drastically changed the atonal minaret. With Spacemans, the most important factor in this connection is the most spiritual music of the Spiritualized in the long run. “Cooked on a diet of mushrooms and pills”: de medicijnen hebben hun werk gedaan.

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