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Spartak Moscow in circulation: club Promes, Hendrix en Til heft tweede elftal op | Sports

Spartak Moscow has a lot of financial problems. Spartak 2 plays in 2015 at the level of Tweed in the Russian competition. The club from the Russian Hofdstad, where Quincy Promes, Guus Til en Jorrit Hendrix under contract, underwent financial support from the Oorlog in Oekraïne.

Sponsor Nike has developed a contract to sign a contract to see Spartak Moscow to do what we have in Europe. The club has always had two weeks to compete in the Russian competition, but not on the spot. UEFA has all Russian clubs under the name of the European Union of Military Invalids in Ukraine.

“The club is not Anders and the budget has been cut,” wrote Spartak Moscow in a match. “A new reality and financial reality, we have Spartak 2 op.” The tweede elftal was oppericht met als doel om talenten ervaring te laten opdoen op hoog niveau. Good thing you can play A-picks to bless you in Spartacus 2.

As long as Hendrix plays for Feyenoord, Roma will open in the final of the Conference League League in Albania. The huntcontract of middenvelder Hendrix loopt nog een jaar door.

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