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SEPP is op, no subsidy for new electric cars

The cost is 3350 euros more for the new EV in 2022. Binnen vijf maanden was de subsidiepot leeg. But he has a lot to do.

The above-mentioned SEPP is connected to the sale of new and used electric cars. Here you can see more features and specific features that you can use for an electric car. If you want to get rid of any private subsidies, you will be allowed to pay for a ticket service.

In 2020, it will cost 4,000 euros for a new electric machine. For 2022, this is 3,350,000,000,000 electricians. An electric car costs 2,000 euros. The total amount of subsidies for electric cars in 2022 was 91.4 million euros. 71 Millions is available for new electric cars. Maar die pot is nu op. Officeel geeft het RVO momenteel aan dat per 30 mei 7:30 nog maar 11.290 euro beschikbaar is. The site is not available until 31 May. Passed May 30 at 7:30 am over 3.4 EV. De pot is dus echt op.

stand subsidiepot SEPP May 30, 2022

That’s 71,000 million euros in subsidies for new EVs, as well as 21,194 new electric car doors. This subsidy is not available, but it is not possible to pay more for a subsidy. The subsidy is not in place, but it is on the base. The words Veel van deze EV were later published. If you want to be able to do all the work, you should be able to do it, you will be able to do it, and the RVO will definitely give it a try.

Advance SEPP

Niet elke elektrische auto komt in aammerking voor de subsidie. A Belarusian warehouse is equipped with a new electric car with a maximum catalog price of 45,000 euros.

SEPP 2023

Net als de bijtellingskorting voor zakelijke rijders wordt de subsidie ​​voor particuliere EV’s ook elk jaar verminderd. Vanaf 2023 costs 2,950 euros of the new EV and 2,550 euros in 2024. Eind 2024 is available with the SEPP subsidy for private use. In 2024, a subsidy loop was created for electric car doors in 2024. A significant amount in 2025 was 2,000 euros.

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