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Schippers Nederlands champions on 100 meters, EC-limited hordenloper Smidt

Daphne Shippers is for a carrier in the Netherlands at 100 meters. The match with the number two Zoë Sedney was a mini, but Schippers was 11.29 seconds away from the Apeldoorn athletic team.

For the Schippers, he was in the middle of the tournament at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which was just 200 meters away and turned out to be halfway through.

The record in the Netherlands and the 200-meter record in the 200 meters met with carpet problems. Eind oktober vorig jaar nam ze afscheid van trainer Bart Bennema, onder wie ze uitgroeide tot een beldtopper, en trainingslocatie Papendal.

The time spent working with new coach Wigert Thunnissen on a goal. By the first weddings you have a rent, a small turn in Vught, won ze. On the Fanny Blankers-Cohen Games, the first serious stretch of the season, nice to see the most beautiful places.

Bouju verslaat Van Gool

Beating the man with a title title to Raphael Bouju. The 20-year-old sprinter is performing in the final net when he sees Streep and Joris van Gull, who will die in 2020 in the Dutch company.

Van Boju’s win was 10.27 seconds and it was a record for the hem. Het zilver was voor Van Gool and achter hem pakte Hensley Paulina de bronzen meaille. Zevenwood of the Netherlands is battling Churandi Martina, who finished in 10.55.

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