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Sadio Mané in Bayern Munich: “I want to stay here” | Buitenland Vetball

Monet plays for FC Metz, RB Salzburg and Southampton. The longest-running Senegal start this year in the Africa Cup in Qatar, and this year.

Mané maakte dit seizoen in all competitions 21 transfer to Liverpool, waarmee hij de FA Cup and League Cup won. Eind mei ging hij met de Red will reach the Champions League final at Real Madrid (1-0) when they won in 2019 in a match against Liverpool. Mané speelde zes seizoenen na Enfield.

In BILD laat Mané weten niet lang te hebben getwijfeld. “The one who encouraged me noticed that Bavaria Munich has interests. I want to be able to stay. For me it was the right club at the right moment. It is one of the biggest clubs in the world and the team strikes for the first title. ”

“Bavaria Munich” was the new clug that in the market was for Senegalese. “My best friends have been around for a long time. Moreover, the plans of “Bavaria” and “Bavaria” will not be “.

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