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Rondzingend gehoorapparaat verstoort Bruckners ‘Zesde’

Rondzingend gehoorapparaat verstoort Bruckners 'Zesde'

The Terwijl Theater, which has been opened in cinemas with its largest number of audiences, is a week away from Concertgebouworkest this week. The orchestra will be present at the lockdown on a concert concert and will be available for subscription and free tickets. Wie nu in de zaal zit, heeft zich dus al geruime tijd verheugd en dat merkte je: er heerste een aanstekelijke euphoria van ‘er eindelijk weer zijn’.

In Tchaikovsky’s “Rococo Variants” – met with music in kamerorkestbezetting – identify the conductor Myung-woon Chung from the cartoon: a benedering of the setting was the most proving and dignified play of the French cellist Gautier Capuçon.

I thought it was a resonant sound, but the Capuchon elegant elegance is still there. Being an Oekraïne opgedragen toegift – the cellist Pablo Casals is in the breekbabre ‘Cant dels Ocells’ – he is a singer, he wants to go to a long street.

Gestoorde Bruckner

Myung-whun Chung leidde bij het Concertgebouworkest zelden eerder Bruckner: én keer in 2008. Of Chung sindsdien kwam tot verdieping van zijn blik op Bruckners Zesde Symphony many weeks ago it was very easy to get together. The development is based on a jungle-like nightmare, very dominant in a very comfortable atmosphere of a rounded device. Hoewel is a part of the audience, the signal is not clear onion-leek op te merken, most conductor Chung wel merkbaar in gevecht met een zowel bij publiek als orkest verminderde concentratiesspanne.

So it is a flat-packed Bruckner, with the help of shell passages, and it has a very balanced balance between instrument groups and overcompensation in decibels as a by-product.

Jammer, I want to wait for the right moments. In the ‘Adagio’ there was a clang of strikers around the smullen en ook in de inzet of the ‘Scherzo’ brak even de zon door.

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