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Rode Kruis paid 174,000 euros to help Horn van Africa

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Op Giro 6251 costs only 174,000 euros in favor of the UN de Horn van Africa. This is a red cruise day. The bulk organization is open for a week before the day of departure of extremely high-powered steams in the hangar.

The Rode Cruise is close to getting rid of it. “I need people in the Netherlands to meet with the situation in Hoorn van Africa as well as Dirk Segaar van Hat Rode Cruise. “It simply came to our notice then that 37 million euros had been paid. We can take a lot of support in the future, and we can help you with that. ”

The 14-million-strong Rhine Cruise River is located in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The organization of the Horn of Africa will be able to take care of the most important in the spring. Ook kampt de regio al jaren met onder meer e a sprinkhanenplaag en mislukte oogsten.

Behalve noodhulp, verzorgt het Rode Kruis ook projekten die ervoor moeten zorgen dat de bevolking op lange termijn beter bestand wordt tegen klimatgerelateerde rampen. The projects are designed to be saved from water.

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