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Report to the Rathenau Institute that you will be able to do this before

At the moment, in the Netherlands, there is no use for organ transplantation in men, but in other countries it is possible to use the technology to make it possible. It is well-known that it is genetically adapted to vaccinations, it is worth a hard time to transplant to a man. Met een andere methode is het in de toekomst misschien zelfs mogelijk om een ​​menselijk orgaan te laten groeien in een dier.

Large groups

In addition to the technology, one can be given the opportunity to donate money. There are 1,300 Dutch people who are successful for transplants. Tegelijkertijd roepen de technieken ethische en maatschappelijke vragen op. To be able to reach a wide range of ideas and ideas, see NEMO Kennislink at the Rathenau Institute for External Relations with about 400 men. In these dialogues, there are patrons, undersecretaries and vendors, but also schoolchildren, bourgeois offenders and interested burgers.

String available

Some of the above can be found in the “donorieren” de ‘levenskvaliteit van ernstig zieke patiënten te verbeteren, maar ze verbinden hieraan wel strenge voorwaarden. It can also be used for livelihoods, and can be used for sales. It is also open to the public, as well as the information provided by the authorities. Some people want to be there, as we are in our land used to die as a donor, this technique is safe to come to all men with important organizations. De keuze is a man de mensen zelf.


“Thanks to the dialogue, we do not have a good idea of ​​what is happening in the Netherlands, but the use of organ transplants is in the hands of men,” said Petra Verhoef, undergoing research at the Rathenau Institute. “The results of the debate on the debate over wet- and regulation. Onderzoek naar donordier-organen is nu gedeeltelijk geregeld in de Wet op de dierproeven en de Embryowet, maar er te te veel onduidelijkheid. Er is gedeeltelij de In the Embryowet, however, there is a great deal of unanimity. .

Hat rapport He became a donor said on Monday, May 23, the Ministry of the Air Force.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids

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