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Relocation services tailored to the needs of immigrants

Relocation services tailored to the needs of immigrants

“Moving is expensive and difficult!” Expat Moving Company breaks this stigma by providing affordable and seamless relocations to and from the Netherlands and European countries (including the UK).

Expat Moving provides its customers with the best services at the lowest prices

International and local relocations to, from and within Dutch cities, such as Amsterdam, can be challenging due to their architecture, narrow streets and extensive canal system. Expat Moving is fully equipped to address these challenges through the use of environmentally friendly technologies such as moving elevators, and leveraging the experience of its employees in the field of relocation.

Why Expat Moving Company?

With more than 12 years of experience and more than 30,000 displaced people, Expat Moving Company has the rich knowledge needed to provide its customers with the best services at the lowest prices, so they called themselves “the best in business”. “They have the skills and resources to make your international relocation quick, convenient and affordable, and on top of everything else they offer free offers on their website so you can stick to your relocation plan and budget.

Expat Moving offers three different relocation services:

Full relocation service

Moving requires much more than transportation; there are many tedious and time consuming tasks. That’s why Expat Moving Company offers a full relocation service where loaders come directly to your home to disassemble and pack things the day before your relocation. The next day your things will be delivered to your destination and will arrive there the same day (or the next day, depending on the distance). After moving, your items will be unpacked and collected by the company’s loaders.

Direct relocation service

As mentioned above, the direct travel service involves picking up and delivering your things the same day or the next day. Additional services, such as packaging and assembly, can be purchased at Expat Moving Company.

Combined relocation

To reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability, Expat Moving offers a combination of transportation services in which things from different customers are stored in a unit and then combined into one moving truck or van, after which they are delivered to their destination in guaranteed period. 14 days or less. Combined relocation is the most affordable service. You can also purchase additional services such as packaging and assembly.

What other services do they offer?

In addition to relocation services, Expat Moving offers a variety of transportation and logistics services, such as residential and commercial storage, elevator relocation services, international relocation services, student relocation services, logistics services, assembly services, packaging services, transportation, priority delivery , delivery of heavy items and more.

Transport and logistics

Partnerships with professional and experienced asset-based organizations and freight forwarders complement the Expat Moving Company’s global transportation chain and set them apart from the competition.

Mobile elevator

Expat Moving takes low prices on elevators that can be rented at the organization, even if they don’t make your move. The carrier operating the elevator receives elevator relocation services.


Expat Moving Company is headquartered in Amsterdam and assisted by its subsidiaries in Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. They moved to the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Luxembourg and others.

Contact Expat Moving Company

Expat Moving strives to provide its customers with its leading services every day of the week. You can contact them by e-mail, phone, LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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