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Red Bull is like a supercar, but it is a problem Automatic

Red Bull has 50 super sports cars for a total of 5 million euros per piece. Er zit alleen énn nadeeltje aan de auto: je mag er niet de openbare weg mee op.

Heb altijd al je innerlijke Max Verstappen onderdrukt en wil je toch ongeveer weten wat hij voelt in zijn Formula 1-auto? This year you can complete a high-tech job at the F1 Racegroep Red Bulls. However, it is important to plan for a new one, in England you will be hypercar with two seats.

This de eerste Auto die gemaakt Red Bull for hamburgers in the places of professional F1-coureurs. This is a company that does not have an estimated orientation at the Red Bull Technology Campus at the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton.

1110 PC V8 in RB17

RB17 is a hybridemator V8 with a capacity of 1100 pcs. In vain the car accelerates for 3 seconds on 0-100 km / h. The top speed is 300 km / h. Algemeen wordt aangenomen dat Max Verstappen de testrijder zal zijn voor het new model.

Text gaat werder yonder de afbeelding

We have a lot of fun with this tiaser from the new sports car. © Red Bull

The Red Bull team went for 3.5 million euros to get the Aston Martin Valkyrie, as well as take on responsible hypercars and successful games, worth 3.5 million euros, at the Aston Martin Valkyrie. manufacturer of luxury cars.

Adrian Newey

F1 team representative Adrian Newey plays in a car with a high-performance Aston and also has the experience to drive his own Red Bulls hypercar. Hoewel je met de auto alleen op het circuit kunt rijden, is het in theory couldijk voor eigenaren om hun auto individueel te laten homologeren voor gebruik op de openbare weg. The lives of customers with deep zakken begin to grow in 2025.

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