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Qatar exports exported by country

Photo: ANP

Exports from Qatar in April have been taken out of the country for years. The Golfstaat profiteert van de toegenomen vraag naar vloeibaar gemaakt aardgas (lng) sinds de Russische inval in Oekraïne van eind februari. Qatar is one of Belarus’ largest exporters.

The European Union was in favor of being 40 percent of the highest-ranking members of Russia. The EU will be able to move as far as possible. Due to the fact that Qatar is beginning to lead with faith in the world of Europe. Germany and Qatar have a lot of energy to do, which is a great week.

Total exports from Qatar in April amounted to 11 billion euros. That’s more and more than a thousand estimates in 2021. So wordt een van de rijkste landen ter wereld nog rijker.

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