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Prize Alfa Romeo Tonale: Install from € 42,000

After the February of the Italians, while waiting for the new SUV: the Tonale, it is not easy to see the price. The price of Tonale will be € 42,000. A very cheap price, we are directly competing with the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Volvo XC directly at the top. What do you mean by that? Read here!

An alpha short year!

The departures

The article from February stands at an outspoken description of the Alfa Romeo with Tonale watch. In this article, we will be able to provide all the standard options in the standard options of Alfa Romeo. The launch of the lancer is two of which can be used, as well as a hybrid. The next moment Alfa Romeo Ook Nog met a hybrid hybrid Van de Tonale. This is a hybrid version of the lever – a version of 130 Pk and 160 Pk, as well as a 1.5-liter turbo unit.
You can use two Alfa Romeo cars for different manufacturers. Option 130 Pk zijn dit de Super (42,000 euros), Sprint (44,500 euros) and Edizone Speciale (46,080 euros). Option 160 Pk is from the Special Edition (€ 48,080), Ti (€ 49,000) and Veloce (€ 51,500).
Van al deze uitvoeringen is de Edizone Speciale een speciale edite die enkel voor de eerste serie gereserveerd is.

The blue and green tonal can be right away!

The options

Alfa Romeo options for Tonale Flink Uit. The first is the natural NFT technology. The previous date of the previous history has been certified. Werder is de Tonale standaard (!) Vorzien van 18 inch lichtmetalen velgen. LED lighting and LED heating lighting. In addition to the three-dimensional LED colamp, the most important features can be used as standard equipment. However, even if the standard of air conditioning is controlled, the air conditioning control condition is not limited. One gemiste kans, zeker in 2022, when airco eigenlijk niet mag ontbreken in he standaardpackket. Wat dan gelukkig wel weer standard is, zijn cruise-control, licht-en regensensor and een grootlicht assistant. Standard is the Tonale, which has a 10.25-inch TFT display and a different hinge system.

This changing lamp is not standard!

Zaken als verkeersbord berkenning en en rijbaan-assistentie zijn eveneens aanwezig. Hetzelfde geldt voor de verplichte veiligheidssystemen zoals Forward Collision Warning en Emergency City Tarmazhenie. This system can be used in any event, when the car self-propelled can be used for a long time. To do this systematically, you have a level 2 autonomy.
Vanaf juni staat de Tonale bij de dealer, waarbij later dit jaar de plug-in hybrid wordt verwacht. The last time Alfa Romeo was an electric station was 80 kilometers away.

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