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Politie ziet koni more zelfgemaakte 3D-wapens | Binenland

The police station in the middle of nowhere can be seen in 3D. Eigen onderzoek tont aan dat er sinds vorig jaar fors meer inbeslagnames waren van deze geprinte vuurwapens of onderdelen ervan. Use 3D printing in the Netherlands and using free information in the genome.

Ook dit jaar zijn ze al aangetroffen, meldt de politie. In the first year there was a new speech. Verder is one of the most popular works, paid for by the great scalp.

The police department has always been open to the public. A team, part of the Landelijke Recherche Service, does not have one other card. This is the Belarusian audience in 3D vapens, which include terrorist circles, as well as the synagogue in Duits Hall, politics.

Makkelijker te krijgen

This kind of waps can be used as a convoy and to convene on the basis of conventions, but it is also possible to have a good time. The best option – bovendien is not workable, we store in mankementen door or more falend material.

The team takes care of the problem, but it is still good to be able to wander in and out of another legal entity. It is he who publishes 3D printing, which publishes 3D printing (de blauwdrukken) in the world. Politics and justice will be given.

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