Home Business Pfizer stett medicijnen beschikbaar aan arme landen, ‘hoognodige eerste stap’

Pfizer stett medicijnen beschikbaar aan arme landen, ‘hoognodige eerste stap’

Pfizer is not the first pharmacist on the plan to have a relatively good budget for genetically qualified people and to be in the field of development. That means Johnson & Johnson, the corona vaccination company, Jansen and Sanofi.

However, in addition to Pfizer, many pharmacists have been given a part of their patented genealogy and a regulation that applies to most of them, says Verhoef. .

Patent issued by Pfizer

The time of coronarisis was pfizer meermaals opgeroepen om the patent op zijn coronavaccin open te breken en he recipe openbaar te maken. Ook in the direction of other vaccine producers, modern Zoals, the Pleiades of the streaks.

Without a patent, there are other provisions for free vaccines that can be used to ensure that the child is protected, which is also considered to be open to more than the World Health Organization. Inventors from the development countries have been able to work together.

Criticisms in the pharmaceutical industry have never been effective in vaccinating patents. Ook vreesden farmaceuten dat ze zonder patenten umer geld zouden overhouden om te innoveren.

Pfizer has not yet received a letter of intent to apply for a patent, according to Verhoef. .

‘First stop’

The American pharmacist is out of the plan to work with the local authorities in the map and to choose the benefits that can be found in the conditions of partners and work with the partners of the health system. “In this most interesting way, we can go on a map in the evening, but it works,” said Verhoef. “Deze aankondiging is een belangrijke en hoognodige eerste stap.”

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