Home Netherlands Peiling: twee derde Nederlanders nog altijd positief over Fortuyn

Peiling: twee derde Nederlanders nog altijd positief over Fortuyn

Peiling: twee derde Nederlanders nog altijd positief over Fortuyn

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Twee derde van de Nederlanders is, twintig jaar na zijn moord, Positief over Pim Fortuyn en zijn ideeën. One of the largest parts of the Netherlands (72 percent) is the one that fortuyn belangrijk is used for on land. This is the conclusion of EenVandaag for 30,000 ice panels.

Hoewel of sympathizers of Fortuyn vandaag de dag volgens EenVandaag vooral aan de rechterkant van het politieke spectrum zitten, zijn ook kiezers van onder meer D66 (43 percent), de SP (50 percent) en de Partij voor de Dieren) positief (44%) The idea of ​​a politician on May 6, 2002 at the Media Park in Hilversum.

One of the undertakings was given to Fortuyn “problems with a tough taboos sphere”, and there is no other “political disclaimer of his religious activities”. There is a lot of help (45 percent) from the undertakings that Fortuyn tweeding in the maatschapij aanwakkerde.

One Sunday is based on Fortuyn’s standings provided by the Opinion panel. Slechts 4 percent of the underwriters have no idea of ​​the “extreme law”, 71 percent of the men think of the ideas of the overwhelmed politics of the world, but the middle of the law of the political spectrum.

Oputtingen die Fortuyn was over the Netherlands immigration status can be determined by the stone of a sea of ​​greatness. The best three-percent (73 percent) of the undertakings are well-maintained with a standout Fortuyns that can be seen in the region as well. For 60 percent of the underwriters, the people of the United States have met with the ideas of Fortune that the norms of the norms of the values ​​of Islam are not in the Netherlands.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to the most important things in the country of Fortuyn, but also to have a symposium on the issues of (foreign) politics.

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