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Parking Bugatti van Cristiano Ronaldo in Mallorca Buitenland Vetball

Vanmorgen rond 11.00 a.m. Wurd de buurt Sa Coma, a holiday paradise on the Spanish island of Mallorca. A person of control over a Bugatti Veyron in the middle of nowhere to be able to watch a death. By the way, no one has been able to do that, but the car will be damaged and the car will be open. This is what you need to see the circulation on social networks (zie onderaan).

The snow bleak dates back to the sports car with a value of 2 million euros less than top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo. De Portugees meets partner Georgina Rodriguez both as a child in Mallorca and in de Bugatti laten overschepen. Ranaldu is not in the mood for a self-propelled barrow, as the car is not suitable for one of its intermediaries.

No new news for Ronaldo, but he didn’t give a damn about everything. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is currently available for sale in the Netherlands. De Portugees overigens een echte autofreak, met een zwak voor Bugatti. The total value of his car park – with an exclusive car on the other side – is spent on more than 20 million euros.

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