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Oxford University Press Crucifixion

Oxford University Press Crucifixion

It is important to be aware of gender-specific issues or academics. Pubieksoeken over gender – en met name transgender – zoals Material Girls van de Britse philosopher Kathleen Stock is at the forefront of the controversy. Titles over the work can be read in NRC met vallen en opstaan ​​besproken, nadat een eerste, lovende recensie was afgekeurd.

U twee open brieven is nu fel geprotesteerd tegen eanstaande publikie van de prestigieuze Oxford University Press (OUP), het book Gender-critical feminism Australian political philosopher Holly Lofford-Smith. In this book, the name of the person is criticized. However, the open brieven is one of the most “anti-transactivist” diets. Transrechten staan ​​onder druk, a common name in Eastern Europe en de VS.

Holly Lowford-Smith (1982), an associate professor at the University of Melbourne, is a radical feminist critic who takes gender into account. The most ‘gender-critical’ feminists, adhered to by the tenderers as TERF’s (trans-exclusive feminists), accept gender as social, contextual expression of sex. When it comes to making sure that the idea of ​​being an inner, vague ‘gender identity’ takes the status of biological sex. The position of the woman is given to her. Lofford-Smith is a step forward. You are fully responsible for the gender gender. The women – in mannee – serve in the “social coyote” in the underprint of women in the world. Ook op YouTube laat ze zich ongezouten uit.

Do not write in writing or not. Lawford-Smiths book zou geen wetenschap zijn, maar een “gecoördineerde polemische interventie”, aldus de eerste open brief, geschreven door een canadese hoofddocent culturalle studies, Eugenia Zuroski. On the Lofford-Smith website, “mannen” was passed on in gender identification. Zuroski and his friends are not directly interested in publishing. Wel eisen ze inzage in de peerreview van het manuscript. Ook houdt Zuroski OUP is also responsible for the “consequences that can be made public”. The author of the book does not read the textbook, but the basics are based on the law of Vanford-Smith.

A short message “Werknemers en auteurs” from Oxford University Press, published the data from the publication “transfobe opvattingen zal legitimeren”. You are always working on transgender people to protect you from the commercial.

Afgelopen week antwordde OUP-director David Clark. He wrote a book by Lawford-Smith, even though he had written other titles. In this case, the tax authorities have a “balanced” conclusion. Met dat antwoord was de kous voorlopig af, al wekte dat ene woord argwaan. Хочаце „gebalanceerd“, suggereert dat niet juist een gebrek aan oordeel? The watch is now on the selfie book, this week you can choose.

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