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Oud-chancellor Schröder is the Commissioner of Gazprom Financial

Schröder said last week that he had been commissioned by the Russian oil company Rosneft. Volgens hem is het hem ommogelijk gemaakt om zijn mandaat te verlengen. Schroeder, who ran, was good at Gazprom. The official order is not there.

Vertrouweling van Poetin

Schroeder’s words were also sent to Russian President Vladimir Poetin. The German Parliament has the privilege of enjoying the rights of the new leader. The European Parliament wins the Schröder and other Kremlin-based ex-political saints. The Oud-Bonds Chancellor has been appointed to the Council of Germany in the world of the Poetin, which has been criticized by the Parliament in Berlin. It works as a door to a state office with a personal desk.

Mogelijk dat zijn partij, de SPD, Schröder royeert. That word may be accepted by an arbitration commission.


Schroeder was an excellent lobbyist for the continued use of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas companies, which exploit gas in the East. For Nord Stream 2, there is no need to get even better.

In one of his interviews, he started a job in Oekraïne, Schroeder in front of The New York Times opened the publication of his first draft of the post before the commissioners. Onlangs nog drong de Duitse bondskanselier Olaf Scholz er bij Schröder op aan alle activitie voor Russische staatsbedrijven stop te zetten.

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